Hello world of engineers!

My name is Naeem A. Mannan

email: nmannan97@gmail.com

Electrical engineer extraordinaire, recent graduate of SJSU electrical engineering department and

aspiring to become an electrical engineer or software developer, and looking forward to getting a masters!

Graduation picture

some of my classes include...

classes number class name


Microelectronics II


Embedded systems


Microwave engineering


Digital design with FPGAs (using system verilog)


Systems communications


Intro to Java programming


Intro to Java programming II


Embedded systems


Machine Learning

About me:

Beach pic I enjoy things such as going to the comedy club while in my time during SJSU. I enjoyed making my own jokes and telling them week after week to spark creativity and practice my public speaking skills. Outside of school I enjoyed my time biking around the trails in San Jose including the Guadalupe river trail, the Los Gatos Creek trail, and the Coyote Creek trail. Other than those I enjoy creating dishes and tinkering with electronics and coding in my spare time. Also a former Boy Scout that ended in honors with the Eagle Scout award.


  1. Robotics
  2. Meetings with interdisciplinary engineers, my part included designing and populating PCBs for the drive system in DipTrace including designing a schematic and then putting it all together on a PCB .This included using MOSFET switching to convert 3V3 to 5V using an ESP 32 WROOM.

    PCB, side by side
    PCB, one on top of another

  3. Mechatronics
  4. Using an Arduino UNO to build an RFID doggie door using Master Slave communication protocol to open a door using a motor. My part was to do some minor coding as well as make the electrical connections from microcontroller to other components.

  5. Senior design project
  6. Meeting with a group of other electrical engineers to build a project to locate an unknown RF transmitter, specifically for drones operating at 2.4 GHz. I did some debugging and figuring out how some of the firmware worked as well as build some PCBs and design some case for protection of outer elements.

  7. Embedded systems final
  8. Meeting with a group of other embedded systems engineers to design a system that would rev up a motor to 1500 RPM controlled with a keypad using FreeRTOS, PID systems,interrupts hiearchy, and timmer counters; all done on a SAMD20 through ATMEL studios.

  9. Microwave engineering final
  10. Duo project where I designed and built a radar dish, while my partner did the simulations for the project in HFSS. Along with this I designed a system that would take sample points every 1 degree and then put the average of 5 samples into an excel file. This used a Python script to collect data and an Arduino using RTOS to take accurate and communicate via serial communications. Made my own Software Defined Radio, SDR.

    Radar top Radar Side

  11. Verilog final
  12. A group of design engineers making hardware using RTL CAD software in Vivado and then using an eclipse based SDK to control the hardware to play a song called Daisy Bell.

  13. Self designed Pipboy 3000
  14. Self designed Pipboy 3000 in Creo Parametrics to hold a Nokia touch screen phone during my first winter break at SJSU. See my GrabCad for more.

    PipBoy whole Pipboy exploded
  15. My website
  16. Self made website using HTML that I decided to do during my free time after I graduated since I was curious about learning the HTML language and some web development as well as to showcase my skills and projects during my time in SJSU.

  17. CRM project
  18. Duo project with a friend from college including working with React, CSS, JavaScript and Python to make a functioning management app. My part includes working on webscraping applications to find suitable candidates using Selenium and BeautifulSoup to look for groups. This included weekly meetings remotely and some gatherings to work on the project in person.

  19. Robotic leg
  20. Individual robotic leg project where I designed a leg like structure and used a microcontroller to move the leg up and down with a linear actuator. This used CREO parametrics to design the leg and a 3D printer to build the parts in PLA and rubber. Looking to do more with it and include servo motors to move the leg when I get more funds.

  21. Globalfoundries GUI
  22. Project done at my internship which included doing some machine learning to pick up variables in a .lib file and then develop a truth table automatically for any standard cell that was picked up. This was to make a datasheet automatically and build it quickly, but also the GUI would check the consistancy of cells between Verilog files and lef files or Verilog and library files. This was to give a quality assurance and increase the integrity of the company's products.

    GF GUI
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